Build your own role-playing games using a cross-platform development environment, no coding experience necessary. Learn more

Mario Builder

Create your own Mario worlds and levels and share them with your friends.

Microsoft Small Basic

Create animations, games, and more using a simplified, easy-to-learn variant of the Visual Basic programming syntax. Learn more

Microsoft .NET

Develop professional Visual Basic and C# applications using open-source tools. Learn about SharpDevelop

Adobe Brackets

Build your own web site from scratch and watch it develop in Chrome as you continue to write. Learn more

About us

Who are we? Formerly the Computer Explorers Post 725, CompCADEMY is a nonprofit organization dedicated to introducing computer science-related subject material not typically covered in a traditional high school classroom. This class is devoted to the use of computers and now, by popular demand of our students, also focused on the design and development of video games and computer programs.

What do we do? Using open source software and selected freeware, we explore the worlds of video game design, web design, computer programming, and audio and video editing. Students with a penchant for playing games, drawing, composing music, and storytelling are encouraged to join us in developing their own games and software. In recent years we have placed greater emphasis on web design using HTML5 and CSS through the use of the free, open source, and cross-platform Brackets source editor. Other fields of interest in this curriculum include Small Basic mini-language and, even more recently, languages of the Microsoft .NET family, such as Visual Basic and C#. We also hold lively discussions of our favorite video games, yielding better ideas and examples upon which we can create in our own projects. The Software We've Used page provides a list of topics frequently discussed in this course throughout the school year.

When and where do we meet? We meet on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th (when applicable) Saturdays monthly throughout the school year, excluding campus holidays and closures. We hold our meetings between 9am-12pm at the Lincoln Land Community College campus in Springfield. For directions to campus from your location, click here.