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How often were you sitting in class during a session on Mario Builder, wishing you could play your very own game on the Wii? Without a doubt, we were all thinking that. The fact of the matter is that you can , with the help of a recent game for Wii U called Super Mario Maker.

Cover image for Super Mario Maker (credit: Metro)

† It shouldn't go without saying, however, that Super Mario Maker does in fact have its limitations, which we'll establish later.

Section 1.1: Getting Started

We began this lecture as we brought in a large flat-screen TV and a Wii console with a Wiimote and a Wii U gamepad controller.

Mario Builder vs. Super Mario Maker

The following is a chart explaining the similarities and differences between the two games.

Mario Builder Super Mario Maker
Software platform(s) Windows
Linux (Wine)
Mac (Wine)
Nintendo Wii
Controller(s) Keyboard
Plug-and-play gamepad
Wii remote
Wii U gamepad
Game protagonist(s) Mario or Luigi (player's choice) Mario
Classic platform game format? Yes Yes
3D graphics-capable? No Yes
Can create complete worlds? Yes No
Themeable interface? No* Yes
Can import custom audio? Yes Yes**
Can import custom images? Yes No
Easily shareable with friends? Yes*** Somewhat***

Take note of each of the following:

* Mario Builder is not themeable; you cannot change the physical appearance of any characters, walking grounds, pipes, or other features of the game; however, you can import your own tilesets and images that you want to use as a background. This contrasts from Super Mario Maker in that the latter allows you to set your appearance to resemble the 8-bit arcade-style Super Mario Bros appearance from 1983, as well as Mario games released since that time.

** Super Mario Maker will allow you to record sound effects and use them in your game; however, this is very limited. You are allowed only a handful of sounds and each one is limited to 4 seconds in duration.

*** Once you are finished working on your Mario Builder game, you can finalize your work by allowing you to run it in the Mario Builder Player application. This way, you can easily distribute your game without worrying about other people editing your work, and it can be stored easily on a USB flash drive or other storage media. As long as the second party is running Windows, Linux, or Mac (with a Windows runtime engine such as Wine installed), the game can be distributed and played very easily. On the other hand, Super Mario Maker is only compatible with the Nintendo Wii and is designed for the Wii U game platform. To distribute your work on Super Mario Maker, the other party must have that console.

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