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In this class session, we explored the entry-level Small Basic source compiler, based on the larger Visual Basic .NET programming language. With Small Basic, you have the power to build anything from a simple conversational text program to a lively, animated graphical interface. You can even create a dynamic wallpaper changer using images from Yahoo's Flickr image library.

Like most industry-standard programming languages such as VB.NET, C#, and Java, Small Basic employs the most important logical features such as If ... Then conditional statements, For and While loops, variable construction, arrays, and subroutines that can be triggered by an event or called as a command in your code.

This article contains Small Basic code snippets. If you have Small Basic, copy and paste them into your Small Basic code editor and click Run (F5). If you do not have Small Basic, you can download it for free here.

What's your favorite number?

In our first example, we created a simple text-based application using Small Basic's TextWindow class. Here, we explored the concept of conditional If ... ElseIf ... EndIf statements.

Using For loop structures