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Last updated Friday, 28 April 2017

Cookie Statement

Cookies are text files stored by your web browser onto your device. Cookies can be used as a way to collect usage statistics, remember login information, or remember when certain events occurred (e.g. not showing the cookie notification bar after cookies have been accepted by the viewer).

We use cookies on our web site solely for creating a more convenient user experience. We do not use cookies to collect any personal information or identify you personally.

You can accept cookies by clicking Yes on the green cookie bar located at the bottom of the page (if it is displaying) or by going to the Site Settings page and turning on the Cookies enabled switch.

You can refuse/rescind acceptance of cookies at any time as well. If you have not accepted cookies and do not wish to save cookies from us, you can click No on the cookie bar or simply ignore it (keep in mind that refusing cookies will result in the site displaying the cookie bar every time you visit one of its pages). You can also rescind your acceptance of cookies by visiting the Site Settings page and turning off the Cookies enabled switch. Doing so will delete all existing cookies created by CompCADEMY and reset all site settings you have modified.

How do we use cookies? We use cookies in order to remember whether you have already seen notifications and have been made aware of our use of cookies, as well as to allow you to customize certain UI elements of our site to your liking. In doing so, you don't have to see notifications every time you visit our site, and you can personalize how you see our web site on your computer. Depending on when the cookies expire, you may see notifications every once in a while, however.

Below is a table of this site's cookies, describing each one and explaining its function, resulting behavior when created, and location of the page(s) creating it.

Key Value Function Resulting behavior Location
_cookies_accepted Records whether the user has accepted our use of cookies on this site. Displays a banner across the bottom of the web page if the cookie has not been recorded. /*
_reminder Records whether a browser notification containing reminders about upcoming program events has been displayed within the last 7 days. Displays a browser notification (if the browser supports it) if the cookie has not been recorded or has expired (duration is 7 days). /index.html
_unav_bgimg Specifies whether or not the navigation bar should display a green aura from the top. Displays either a green aura or a solid color in the navigation bar background. /settings.html
_unav_bgclr Specifies the color of the navigation bar. Displays either a green or white background color in the navigation bar. /settings.html
_unav_pos Specifies whether or not the navigation bar should dock itself to the top of the browser viewport. Either docks the navigation bar to the top of the browser viewport or attaches it to the page itself. /settings.html
_konami_activated Specifies whether or not the Konami code Easter egg (↑↑↓↓←→←BA) has been activated. Works best on a desktop/laptop keyboard. Only works once. Just punch it in and see for yourself. /*